Varietal Phonetic Pronunciation

Umm, how do I pronounce that?

Our Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils are derived from different varietals of olives that carry some peculiar names. Here's a list of the most common varietals we typically carry and their proper phonetic pronunciation:

Picual - PIK-WAL

Arbequina - AR-BEH-KEY-NUH

Arbosana - AR-BO-SAW-NUH

Chemlali - CHEM-LAH-LEE

Coratina - CORA-TEENA

Picholine - PEE-SHOW-LEAN

Cobrancosa - CO-BRAN-SO-SUH

Nocerllara - NO-CHA-LAR-UH

Koroneiki - COR-OH-KNEE-KEY

Frantoio - FRAN-TOY-OH

Leccino - LEH-CHEE-NO

Barnea - BAR-NAY-UH

Hojiblanca - OH-HEE-BLAN-KUH

Manzanillo - MON-ZON-EE-OH

Nevadillo Blanco - NEVA-DEE-OH BLANC-OH

Chetoui - SHUH-TOO-EE

Martena - MAR-TEN-YA


Empeltre - EM-PELL-TRAY

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