Olio Fresco

"Olio Fresco”.  It’s Italian for fresh oil.

Authentic, fresh, extra virgin olive oils are now in Halifax, Bedford, Charlotteown, Saint John and Moncton. Here to be sampled, savored, bottled on-site and combined with spectacular balsamic vinegars in an awesome array of flavour combinations. Smooth, buttery, zesty, grassy, rich, deep, moody and delicious.

The oils are Ultra Premium and meet or exceed the world's most demanding quality standards. Some are single fruits called cultivars. Others have been deliciously (in)fused with glorious fruit, garden and herbal flavours. In spring/summer, our extra virgin olive oils come from the southern hemisphere where the winter crop is harvested between late April and June. In the northern fall & winter, our oils will come from counties around the Mediterranean Basin and California.

Our balsamic vinegars and condimento are created in Modena, Italy. They are created in a facility owned by a family that has been a member of the Modena and Reggio Emelia balsamic consortia for generations.

To round out your culinary experience, we also feature gourmet condiments like pestos, tapenauds, mustards and confits; olive leaf tea, pastas, stuffed olives, sea salts, hand creams, skin moisturizers and olive oil based soaps.

The Perfect Foodie Gift Guide

  • "Oliveto" Olive Appetizer Plate

    "Oliveto" Olive Appetizer Plate

  • 2 Bottle Set with Pour Spout

    2 Bottle Set with Pour Spout

  • 4 Pack Sample Set

    4 Pack Sample Set

  • 5 Pack Sample Set

    5 Pack Sample Set

  • 6 Pack Sample Set

    6 Pack Sample Set

  • Gift Baskets

    Gift Baskets

  • Gift Certificates *In Store Only*

    Gift Certificates *In Store Only*

  • Pour Spouts

    Pour Spouts

  • Mini Sampler

    Mini Sampler

  • Mini Four Pack Sampler

    Mini Four Pack Sampler

  • Perfect Pairing Gift Box

    Perfect Pairing Gift Box

  • Holiday 6 Pack Sampler

    Holiday 6 Pack Sampler

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