02 Feb 2016

Extra Virgin Olive Oil = Healthy Heart

Reasons to Consume High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil: High quality EVOO plays a key role in the prevention of heart disease by improving blood cholesterol levels. High quality EVOO contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that help the body absorb vitamins. High quality EVOO contains omega-3 fatty acids that are important in preventing cardiovascular disease.    Make your heart healthy by adding as little as two tablespoons of fresh EVOO a day to your everyday food.      Just Drizzle! On your salads Over-top your yogurt Into your smoothies  

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24 Sep 2015

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Breast Cancer

Women who eat a Mediterranean diet with a little extra virgin olive oil have a lower risk of breast cancer, researchers reported in yet another study showing the health benefits of the approach. Women who participated in the study who added extra-virgin olive oil to their diet had a 62 percent lower risk of breast cancer over the next five years or so, according to researchers at the University of Navarra in Pamplona. The study was done in Spain, where people presumably eat the Mediterranean diet. The diet is characterized by lots of salad, fruit, vegetables, nuts, a little fish,...

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20 Jan 2015


Try applying Extra Virgin Olive Oil to damp skin before getting out of the shower as well, for a lovely moisturizer. http://www.oliveoiltimes.com/olive-oil-health-news/add-olive-oil-skin/45973

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