How does one choose?

 How the heck does one choose?  We currently have 15 pure cultivars to choose from.  In lay man's language, liken it to going in to a wine boutique, or coffee/Barista, and trying to choose one or two. 

Cultivars are types of olives, and yes, they are all different.  With more than 750+ known and cataloged cultivars, it can be overwhelming, and sometimes intimidating. This we understand.  I go into a wine specialty store like Bishops, Harvest, or Premium, and have no problem asking the staff for recommendations. Knowledgeable staff are happy to help me make my choice. I have no understanding, however, of what to ask for in a coffee Barista, but know what I like.  I buy, like and dislike, and discuss with my husband what I think are specific characteristics, about the beans we have purchased.  We still don't know what to buy, if I do not remember what we have tried before.  This is where experienced, knowledgeable staff come in handy, not to mention customer purchase tracking.  If you are in our system, we can track what you have purchased in the past, and when we change seasons and cultivars, we can make recommendations based on what you like. Challenge your pallate, challenge our staff. We are up for it.


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