Hojiblanca (Spain) *New 2024 Harvest*
Hojiblanca (Spain) *New 2024 Harvest*
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Hojiblanca (Spain) *New 2024 Harvest*

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Crush Date: November 2023

Featuring complex, leafy, herbaceous aroma and balanced flavours typical of early-harvested EVOO.

The taste herbal and leafy with tea, mint, and black pepper notes.

The finish is delightful and lingering. It is fresh, and its fruitiness, bitterness, and pungency balance is perfect.

Polyphenols:457mg/kg /FFA:1.0%/ Oleic Acid: 75.3%/ Peroxide: 8.6%/ DAGs: 97.7%/ PPP: <1%

Peak Freshness: March 2025