Koroneiki (Spain) *New 2024 Harvest*
Koroneiki (Spain) *New 2024 Harvest*
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Koroneiki (Spain) *New 2024 Harvest*

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Crush Date: November 2023

This EVOO, native to Greece, has the ripe and green banana flavours that are typical of the variety.

Displaying medium intensity with a very balanced of strong fruitiness, mild bitterness, and medium pungency.

The Koroneiki olive enjoys producing an EVOO that is complex and herbaceous with several appealing ripe fruit flavors along with the unripe fruit flavors of green banana, olive leaf, artichoke, and cinnamon

Polyphenols:517mg/kg /FFA:0.16%/ Oleic Acid: 95.1%/ Peroxide: 5.1%/ DAGs: 96.3%/ PPP: <1%

Peak Freshness: February 2025