Arbosana (Spain) *New 2024 Harvest*
Arbosana (Spain) *New 2024 Harvest*
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Arbosana (Spain) *New 2024 Harvest*

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Crush Date: November 2023

This uncommon but exceptional Arbosana is a very complex, delicate oil with a notable flowery aroma.

An early harvest EVOO, it is very unique, spicy and  herbal, complemented by sweet fruity flavours with a hint of cinnamon.

This distinctive EVOO is well balanced, satisfying, and full bodied.

Polyphenols:275mg/kg /FFA:0.31%/ Oleic Acid: 73.8%/ Peroxide: 8.3%/ DAGs: 87.9%/ PPP: <1%

 Peak Freshness: January 2025