Leccino (South Africa)
Leccino (South Africa)
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Leccino (South Africa)

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Crush Date: May 2023

This unique, “Novello style” Leccino is a highly fruity, aromatic, mild-intensity olive oil with complex ripe and green fruit flavors.  Predominant aromas of vanilla and mint are complemented by nutty, buttery, banana, and tropical notes.  The smooth mouthfeel has a small kick of spicy herbaceousness, artichoke, and cinnamon.  The perfect EVOO to finish a delicate fish stew or fresh cheese.

Polyphenols:151mg/kg /FFA:0.09%/ Oleic Acid: 73.9%/ Peroxide: 4.4/ DAGs: 95.5%/ PPP: <1%

 Peak Freshness: August 2024