Nocellara (Italy) *New 2024 Harvest*
Nocellara (Italy) *New 2024 Harvest*
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Nocellara (Italy) *New 2024 Harvest*

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Crush Date: November 2023

A fantastic green EVOO that is vibrant with a beautiful sweet, flowery, fresh-fruit and fresh-cut-grass aroma.

It is well balanced with exceptional fruitiness, medium bitterness, and notable pungency.

The flavour is herbal, with undertones of ripe tropical fruits. It is  buttery with a round, full-mouth feel. The finish has a chili pepper zing.  


Polyphenols:324mg/kg /FFA:0.15%/ Oleic Acid: 89.7%/ Peroxide: 5.1%/ DAGs: 96.3%/ PPP: <1%

 Peak Freshness: February 2025