Cooking Tips-Poaching


Poaching in olive oil, transfers heat from the olive oil to the item being cooked. Meat and fish should be totally submerged, vegetables and eggs partially, in oil on a gentle simmer about 160-180F.  You will need an instant read thermometer to guage doneness of meat.

Meats, veggies, fish and eggs poached in olive oil, cook evenly, meat is very tender, and there is a lovely subtle taste of the oil's flavor. Add herbs, spices or use one of our already flavored oils, to kick up the taste and aromatics to a different level.

To Poach

- Pick the right size pot or pan. Ffood should be snug, but not touching.

- The oil will "quiver" when it reaches the right temperature.

- The poaching oil can be reused for cooking or in dressings and sauces.  Let cool and strain. Refrigerate fo up to one week.














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