Garlic Infused Olive Oil


A super premium extra virgin olive oil infused with the fresh oil and natural aromas of freshly minced garlic cloves.  This oil is the perfect example of culinary ingredient usage - mincing garlic - to add remarkable flavour and aroma to any cuisine. 

This oil pairs very well with just about any white or dark balsamic and is essential for finishing most Italian inspired dishes.

Country of Origin: Spain
Producer: OleoEstepa
Date of Analysis: 12/7/2015
Acidity .2% / Peroxide 5 / PPP 1.4% / Polyphenol 380 / K-232 1.83 / Oleic 68 / Dags 91.1
Conservation: Cool, dry conditions, away from direct sunlight
Shelf Life: 12 - 18 months from crush date for optimal flavour
Calories per Tbsp: 119