More wonderful things good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil can do for us

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Mary Flynn, at a Veronica Foods Summit in Berkley California this past weekend.  I have been a fan of Dr Flynns research for some time, and have added this to my favorites list.  The following excerpts are just a peek at what the study found. Visit ,for more on this topic.

Mary's Meals

The Miriam's Mary Meals are based on the work of Mary Flynn, PhD, RD, LDN. Mary has worked as a research dietitian at The Miriam Hospital since 1984. Her main research interest is in how food will affect health. 

The Mary Meals are made with ingredients that studies have shown will reduce risk factors for chronic diseases. The meals are calorie controlled and contain extra virgin olive oil, at least 2 servings of healthy vegetables, 2-3 servings of starch which will be whole grains and/or legumes (beans), whenever possible

Dietary fat in the form of extra virgin olive oil

A meal that contains fat keeps you from getting hungry soon after the meal. Olive oil is a fat that will contribute to both the health benefits and the taste of the meal. Extra virgin olive oil has been shown to decrease blood pressure, fasting insulin and glucose, decrease oxidation and decrease inflammation, all risk factors for heart disease and some cancers. The health benefits of olive oil start at about 2 tablespoons per day, which will be the approximate amount in each meal.

Dietary fat also helps to absorb carotenoids, which are found in dark vegetables. Carotenoids have been shown to help decrease the risk of cancer. Extra virgin olive oil also makes vegetables taste better than when they are steamed or boiled. Fat in a meal delays the time until you get hungry. When you eat a meal that is low in fat, you will be hungry soon after the meal. Hunger between meals can lead to eating foods that are not healthy-like desserts and snack foods. By putting a healthy fat like extra virgin olive oil in the meal, you will receive the health benefits of olive oil, plus you should be less likely to be hungry between your meals.


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