What's lurking in your skin/hair care products?

Do You Know What's In Your Olive Oil Based Skin Care Product?


 Important Criteria for Choosing Olive Oil Skin Care Products


We Urge you to do your homework and compare! 


The overwhelming majority of beauty and skin care products on the market which try to promote olive oil as a cornerstone ingredient are invariably cutting corners and/or using inferior products.


The cosmetic industry is a well known dumping ground for old, out of spec. and inferior grades of olive oil. In fact, it is the perfect place to dispose of unsold, aged olive oil, refined olive oil and/or adulterated olive oil – a place where there will be no scrutiny or questions about the trace-ability or authenticity of the olive oil being used.  And if you think there’s a high level of dishonesty and a lack of transparency in the food industry regarding truth in labeling, the cosmetic and skincare industry’s record is absolutely abysmal by comparison.


In light of this, we urge you to check the label and seek transparency! Here’s a brief checklist of criteria you might want to consider when looking for high quality olive oil skin care products that truly offer the benefit that high quality extra virgin olive oil delivers to both skin and body. 


  1. What grade of olive oil, (if any) is being used?
  2. If extra virgin olive oil is listed, where does it show up on the ingredient statement? - The more it contains, the better it is for your skin and hair.
  3. What assurances do you have that the extra virgin olive oil used was fresh, of high quality, and not compromised?
  4. Are there other oils in the product such as refined oils or filler oils such as coconut oil?
  5. Does it contain preservatives or synthetics?
  6. Are environmentally unfriendly products such as palm oil being used?



Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Skin Care Product Checklist


  • NO preservatives
  • NO artificial coloring or dyes
  • NO filler oils
  • NO Sodium Laurel Sulfate
  • NO palm, coconut or environmentally unfriendly products
  •  NO chemical fragrances
  • NO chemicals or synthetics WHAT SO EVER
  • NO refined oils
  •  Can only be obtained through Veronica Foods Co.
  •  Use 100% essential botanical oils for fragrance
  •  Contains naturally derived Vitamin E and A from UP EVOO
  • Hypoallergenic
  •  Made exclusively with fresh UP Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • No animal products
  • Never tested on animals
  •  UP Extra Virgin Olive is the first ingredient on the list!
  • BPA Free

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