Recipes — Harissa

Amy Ingram

Thai Coconut Shrimp with Chili-Mango Salsa

  Ingredients 10-12 large fresh or frozen shrimp ½ cup regular white flour  1 tsp baking powder ¼ tsp salt 1 tsp Liquid Gold Harissa Olive Oil 1 egg ⅓ cup ice water or cold water ½ cup dry shredded unsweetened coconut (baking-type) 1 cup coconut oil Sauce 1 large ripe mango 1 canned pineapple ring 3-4 Tbsp Sweet Thai Chili Sauce 3 Tbsp Liquid Gold Mango White Balsamic Vinegar Directions Sauce: Peel and dice mango into chunks; combine with pineapple ring and puree in blender until smooth. With a mixer on high speed, beat until thoroughly combined. Add desired...

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