Hydrostone Hero Sandwhich





The Hydrostone Hero (Submitted by Andrew McKelvie)


Serves: 1-4


Total time: meh… 15 minutes


What you need:


-       Liquid Gold Garlic EVOO

-       Julien’s Baguette (or equally crust bread)

-       Shaved black forest ham

-       Jarlsberg cheese

-       Fresh ripe tomato

-       Mayonnaise

-       Salt & Pepper


The Hydrostone Hero takes the simplest sandwich to the next level, with only the slightest preparation. The Hero is another term for the classic submarine sandwich, although you’ll find that Heroes are normally baked in the oven so that everything is melted and toasty. Feel free to experiment with what you put on this sandwich, but remember that sometimes less is more.

 Turn your ovens broiler to about 500 degrees and move the rack to the top shelf. As the oven is heating up grab your baguette and cut it into a sandwich size that matches your appetite, then cut it horizontally to make the two halves of your sandwich.

 On both pieces brush on the Garlic EVOO, this will help brown the inside. Then take a generous amount of ham and place it along the bottom piece. Thinly slice tomato and place it on top of the ham. The thinner the better for the tomato since it’ll only be under the heat for a few minutes and you want it to take on that broiled tomato flavour. At this point grab your salt and pepper and season those tomato’s. Now slap on some of that delicious Jarlsberg cheese. On the top slice apply mayonnaise in an amount that befits your idea of good health.

 Place the whole works open-faced on a baking sheet and put it in the oven until the cheese has melted and the baguette becomes nice and brown around the edges.

 Put your pieces together and serve with a pickle and chips, or a big bowl of tomato soup.

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