Strawberry Blueberry Jam with Chia Seeds


This recipes is super simple and healthy.  Chia seeds are full of Omega 3 and have nutrional content simliar to Flax seed.  When Chia seeds are added to water they turn into gel which makes them ideal for jams and jellies.

1/2 c Strawberries

1/2 c Blueberries

1/2 Tbs Water

1/2 Tbs Balsamic Vinegar (the flavor you choose is up to you, I picked Peach)

1 Tbs Chia seeds

Mash strawberries and blueberries with a fork or use a food processor for a smoother texture similiar to jelly. Add chia seeds, water and balsamic vinegar, stir to combine then cover and place in the fridge to set, 30-60 minutes.

Recipes adapted from Eating Bird Food