Picholine (Ca)
Picholine (Ca)
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Picholine (Ca)

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Crush Date: October 2018

This is a very unique oil made from the French Picholine olive variety and grown in cool, coastal California.

It is quite bitter, but is also very fruity and pungent, so the balance is good.  It has a nice mix of nutty in general, almond specifically, and buttery, ripe fruit flavours.

Dominating the flavour, though are primarily the characteristics of strong dark-green herbs, with green apple, mint, cinnamon, woodiness, and chili pepper.

Polyphenols: 353/FFA:0.18/Oleic Acid:77.1%/Peroxide:4.8/DAGs:91.7%/PPP:<1%

Paul Vossen quality score: 91/100

Peak Freshness: January 2020