Organic Olive Leaf Tea
Organic Olive Leaf Tea
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Organic Olive Leaf Tea

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Bring cold filtered water to a full boil. Use two teaspoons of tea per cup of water. Brew 2-5 minutes. 

Historically olive leaf tea has been enjoyed for thousands of years throughout the Mediterranean. Olive leaf is a wonderful energizing caffeine-free alternative and contains health-promoting antioxidants. Its distinct, pleasant, and unique taste is significantly milder than green tea. Steep the tea longer for a more pronounced, bitter, and complex flavour while also reaping more benefits from the higher concentration of water-soluble health-promoting antioxidants. 

Brews 20 cups.

People affected by diabetes should not use olive leaf tea. It can impact and lower blood sugar and blood pressure. Always consult your health care provider before treating any ailments with olive leaf tea. 

Lady Baker's Tea is a little tea company with big dreams located on Prince Edward Island, Atlantic Canada. 

Their premium loose leaf teas are ethically produced at the finest tea gardens in Asia and Africa.