Olivella Moisturizer Cream


 OLIVELLA Moisturizer Cream is a daily refreshing moisturizer that brings sheer hydration to your skin, revealing a more vibrant complexion. Antioxidant virgin olive oil combats free radical damage as it deeply nourishes and restores your skin. Combined with provitamin B5 and vitamins E, your skin becomes supple and smooth. A surprising natural texture, derived by a technology which manages to combine the softness of a cream to the lightness of a gel gently hydrating, granting immediate brightness to the face and an intense fresh pleasant feeling. An inedited formula, with three biological originated extracts, in synergy with vitamins F. E, and Panthenol (vit. B5) for deeply hydrating skin, assuring a true reserve of hydration and freshness throughout the day. Check out our Blog Site for more Olivella product information.