Oleo Diario (Spain)
Oleo Diario (Spain)
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Oleo Diario (Spain)

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Crush Date: October 2020

The Arbequina EVOO is a mild and fresh, early crush Arbequina, with profiles of green and ripe olive fruit, almond, banana, tomato plant, green herbs. This oil is balanced with high fruitiness, low bitterness and a pleasant pungency highlighting its freshness.
This workhorse EVOO is used by some of the finest restaurants in the maritimes and is perfect for dressings, sautéing, finishing, bread baking, and general use.


Polyphenols: 231/FFA:0.15/Oleic Acid:69%/Peroxide:4.6/DAGs:92%/PPP:<1%

Paul Vossen quality score: 95/100

Peak Freshness: January 2022