Mission (South Africa)
Mission (South Africa)
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Mission (South Africa)

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Crush Date: May 2022

What a wonderful, flowery, aroma! This new South African Mission EVOO is spectacular.

 Its delightful aroma is followed up with the smooth, ripe fruit flavors of sweet almond (nutty), sweet, butter, and ripe apple. It also has fresh, spicy green flavours: fresh-cut grass, herbs, a little mint, and a little cinnamon, but especially green apple.

It has low bitterness and just the right amount of pungency.

Polyphenols:398/FFA:0.10/Oleic Acid:68.6%/Peroxide:4.0/DAGs:94.9%/PPP:<1%

Paul Vossen quality score: 97/100

Peak Freshness: September 2023