Koroneiki (Greece)




Crush Date: December 2017

This is a wonderful early harvest, very green, robust Koroneiki from the Peloponnesus region of Greece, hand-harvested from a grove located not far from the site of the ancient Olympic games.

The total flavour intensity is high with a wonderful aroma, bitterness and pungency.  It is a strong Koroneiki with mostly dark-herbaceous flavour characteristics of artichoke, black pepper, nettle, green banana, and green tea that will complement strong flavoured foods.

It is a very crisp, clean, and it has the utmost freshness.

Polyphenols: 417/FFA:0.23/Oleic Acid:73.6%/Peroxide:5.68/DAGs:94.3%/PPP:<1.0%

Paul Vossen quality score: 91/100

Peak Freshness: Until April 2019