Coratina (Italy) *New 2024 Harvest*
Coratina (Italy) *New 2024 Harvest*
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Coratina (Italy) *New 2024 Harvest*

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Crush Date: November 2023

This Coratina from Puglia is a dream for the robust oil lover. Its balance is perfect. High fruitiness and pungency with a noteworthy bitterness.

Its flavour is complex. It has a full-bodied feel and taste from the slightly nutty undertones. Herbal flavors include herbal grass, green tea, mint, cinnamon, and chili pepper with a lovely, finish of black pepper and chili peppers.

Polyphenols: 608/FFA:0.13%/Oleic Acid:75.9%/Peroxide:3.3/DAGs:94.7%/PPP:<1%

Paul Vossen quality score: 100/100

Peak Freshness: April 2025