Frantoio (Spain)



Crush Date: November 2017

This is what a good Frantoio variety olive oil should taste like. It is very well balanced with a wonderful green-floral aroma along with high intensities of fruitiness, and pungency slightly
more than bitterness. The crisp astringency gives it a fresh, clean, zingy mouth feel. This oil has a little bit of ripe fruit character, but it is predominantly green with strong flavours
of fresh cut grass, herbs, mint, green apple, and a great spicy,black pepper finish.

Polyphenols: 421.5/FFA:0.22/Oleic Acid:69.37%/Peroxide:8.0/DAGs:91.5%/PPP:<1.0%

Paul Vossen quality score: 93/100

Peak Freshness: Until November 2018