Favalosa/FS17 (South Africa)
Favalosa/FS17 (South Africa)
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Favalosa/FS17 (South Africa)

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Crush Date: May 2023

The Favolosa olive, or FS-17 variety, was developed in Italy in the 80’s and exists primarily in small plantings worldwide.  
This oil is an excellent example of a well-balanced, medium-robust mouthfeel and flavor intensity with predominant flavor notes of fresh, spicy, green herbs and green apple – with balanced notes of mint, black, and chili pepper.

Polyphenols:482/FFA:0.13%/Oleic Acid:72.7%/Peroxide:5.09/DAGs:91.3%/PPP:<1.6%

Paul Vossen quality score: 92/100

Peak Freshness: September 2024