Criolla (Peru)
Criolla (Peru)
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Criolla (Peru)

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Crush Date: May 2021

This is an excellent, robust, early-harvest, green Criolla that is very well balanced with strong pungency and fruitiness, but medium bitterness.

It is extremely fresh tasting with very floral, herbal, and berry-like aromas. This oil has a pleasant nuttiness of fresh almonds that compliments the strong green flavors of fresh-cut grass, mint, and cinnamon. 

The Criolla finishes with an aftertaste of black pepper

Polyphenols: 774/FFA:0.22/Oleic Acid:64.7%/Peroxide:5.8/DAGs:91.7%/PPP:<1.2%

Paul Vossen quality score: 97/100

Peak Freshness: November 2022