Arvinda's Butter Chicken
Arvinda's Butter Chicken
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Arvinda's Butter Chicken

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Adorned and beautifully scented, this lavish spice blend makes a dish deserving of a royal Indian court, coddling your taste buds in a silky, rich, aromatic sauce. The palace is jubilant. The Maharani has arrived. Let the feast begin! Indulge like royalty and create this decadent meal that spoils the senses.

All natural, made in Canada

Ingredients: Spices, fresh garlic (minimum 50% Ontario garlic), fresh ginger, sea salt

Certifications: Non-GMO verified, vegan certified (

Allergens: None. Free from additives, preservatives, dairy, nuts, MSG and gluten free. 

Canadian content: Fresh garlic from Ontario

Heat Level: Mild

70 g / 2.47 oz - 10 to 12 servings