Madagascar Vanilla White Balsamic
Madagascar Vanilla White Balsamic
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Madagascar Vanilla White Balsamic

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Using our high quality white balsamic condiment, this vinegar is created with natural Madagascar vanilla extract. The end result is a center point of natural vanilla encapsulated by the most perfect white grape must from our white condimento base vinegar. Use this product over ice cream, puddings, baked goods or add to your favorite martini recipe.
Acidity​: 4%
Calories per Tbsp​: 40
Sugar Content​: 10g
Ingredients​: Concentrated grape must, white wine vinegar, natural flavors
Country of Origin​: Modena, Italy
Product Type: White Balsamic Condimento Vinegar
Flavored: Yes
Notes​: Filtered, no sediment
Conservation: Cool, dry conditions, away from direct sunlight at temperatures not exceed 86F
Allergens​: Contains naturally occurring sulfites.