Hojiblanca (Spain)
Hojiblanca (Spain)
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Hojiblanca (Spain)

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Gold Medal Winner L.A 2019


Crush Date: October 2018

This early-harvest EVOO wowed Los Angelas.  This is high demand/low production and pure indulgence.

It has all of the complex herbal flavours that are characteristic of Hojiblanca.  On the nose, a wonderful combination of mixed flowers and culinary herbs.  Perfectly balanced with slightly more pungency than bitterness.  The flavour medley combines fresh cut grass, fresh artichoke, green apple, green banana, mint, cinnamon, and a persistence black pepper finish.

Polyphenols: 262/FFA:0.19/Oleic Acid:70.3%/Peroxide:2/DAGs:96%/PPP:<1%

Paul Vossen quality score: 98/100

Peak Freshness: January 2020