Favolosa FS-17 (California)
Favolosa FS-17 (California)
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Favolosa FS-17 (California)

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Crush Date: November 2017

The aroma of this oil is distinctive, befitting a very freshly milled evoo. Its flavour intensity is pronounced with an herbal, green, sage-like spiciness that is very unique. The bitterness and pungency are evident right along with the deep green and
herbaceous. It is complex with many different green flavours and it tastes very fresh, clean and crisp.

Polyphenols: 452/FFA:0.14/Oleic Acid:70.6%/Peroxide:5.9/DAGs:93.7%/PPP:<1.0%

Paul Vossen quality score: 90/100

Peak Freshness: Until February 2019