Coratina Denocciolato (Italy)
Coratina Denocciolato (Italy)
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Coratina Denocciolato (Italy)

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Crush Date: October 2017

This early harvest, green oil from Puglia is very fresh with mostly green fruit flavours and ripe nuttiness that is like green almonds.  It has herbaceous flavours of fresh cut grass, artichoke, green tea, mint, nettle, tomato leaf, cinnamon, and black pepper.  Robust and well balanced in fruitiness, bitterness, and pungency.

Polyphenols: 523/FFA:0.14/Oleic Acid:78.1%/Peroxide:2.3/DAGs:94.2%/PPP:<1.0%

Paul Vossen quality score: 93/100

Peak Freshness: Until April 2019