Almazarus Picual (Spain)
Almazarus Picual (Spain)
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Almazarus Picual (Spain)

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Crush Date: October 2022

This a fantastic, very fresh, Picual EVOO. It has all the goodness that is typical of the olive variety, especially when picked early and crushed quickly.

The aroma is tropical and herbal. The ripe flavors are very subtle (tropical and passion fruit). The herbal green flavors dominate as a complex mix of artichoke, green banana, green tea, mint, nettle, tomato leaf, and cinnamon.

It stays persistent in the mouth with a black pepper and chili pepper finish.”

Polyphenols:460/FFA:0.16/Oleic Acid:76.62%/Peroxide:2.3/DAGs:97.5%/PPP:<1%

Paul Vossen quality score: 100/100

Peak Freshness: March 2024